It is the jaw joint. "TMJ" is an abbreviation for Temporo-Mandibular Joint. The TMJ is located in front of each ear, on the right and left side. It is a complex joint with a disc between two bones.

TMD STANDS FOR TEMPORO-MANDIBULAR DISORDER. It is used to describe symptoms related to the temporomandibular joints. When a person’s bones, muscles, teeth or ligaments are not properly aligned, it can result in the presence of TMD symptoms. Symptoms can include muscle soreness, limited range of jaw movements, jaw joint sounds and pain in the jaw joints themselves.

TREATMENT OF TMD is initially accomplished with reversible treatment such as an appliance. Once stability of the lower jaw is achieved and symptoms have been relieved, a second phase of treatment that may involve orthodontics, restorative dentistry, and/or surgery is sometimes required.

Our office will work as a team with your general dentist, and auxiliary heath care professionals, to help initially stabilize your jaw joints and muscles, and give you options for long term stabilization.

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